Why Us

You may ask yourself, why should I buy from Lafert Electric Motors?
Let me tell you why:

From your initial phone call to us, you will speak with one of our friendly internal sales staff who can help you out right away or transfer you through to our technical department so you receive the correct service or support you are after.

You are probably then wondering if we can give you what you need

Through our one on one communication Lafert can then determine what you are after and offer you a wide range of products from:

  • customised motors,
  • standard 415v and 240v alloy and cast iron motors,
  • stainless steel motors,
  • High Performance motors,
  • gearboxes and drives or
  • Repair/rewind your current motors, pumps, dc motors and much more.

But what is this going to cost me?

Lafert can cater to all kinds of situations and offer the most cost effective pricing available to suit each application from either our European range of motors or our Chinese range.
With all of our in-house services, including repairs/rewinds, modifications, engineering you are sure to save money.

Will they even have it in stock?

Lafert’s availability ranges from .09kw up to 250kw and can deliver anything above this range from our overseas suppliers in just 90 days.

Cool, but when will I receive it?

Same day if required or despatch will send out within 48 hours, yes even if you require modifications or upgrades.

What if I need a motor or service out of work hours or on a weekend?

Doesn’t matter, at Lafert we offer support and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can fix your breakdown problems right away; you just need to call us on 03 9702 3707.