Lafert Three Phase Electric Motors

Lafert Reduced Frame Motors

Lafert offer certain motor sizes in a reduced frame. For example – 2 pole 7.5kw 415v in a 112 frame (standard frame size is 132)

We can also offer reduced frame flanges to suit. For example – 132/112 B5

AC motors are the driving force of most industrial machinery. This is the principal use for AC motors and it comprises the bulk of Lafert’s business.
Today, the major factor influencing the motor industry is energy efficiency driven by both increasingly demanding legislation and industry’s greater awareness of green issue responsibilities.

Rated Voltage

The rated voltage of the three phase motors, EN 60034-1 allows a tolerance of +/- 5%.
According to IEC 60038, the mains voltages may have a tolerance of +/- 10%.
Therefore the three-phase motors are designed for the following rated voltage ranges
(Exceptions are shown in the data tables):

Mains voltage to IEC 60038 Rated voltage Range of motor
230 V +/- 10% 218-242 V +/- 5% 50Hz
400 V +/- 10% 380-420 V +/- 5% 50Hz
690 V +/- 10% 655-725 V +/- 5% 50Hz

To find out more about our three phase motors, rated frequency, rated current, torque & all other technical support please click on the link below for Lafert’s Technical catalogue.

Download our flange dimension sheet and find out what you need.

Download our Technical Catalogue Three-phase, Single-phase and Brake Motors MKTG-10-083-14

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