Hydro-Mech Stainless Steel Gearboxes

Hydro-mech is an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of Stainless Steel gearboxes.

All of the products and parts are made in Europe, using the latest technology, both in design and production, to offer a competitive anti-corrosive gearbox suitable for today’s greater demand for stainless steel wash-down gearboxes.

Lafert Electric Motors became a distributor for Hydro-mech in 2012 and stock a large quantity of stainless steel wormboxes, with a variety of different reduction ratios.

European Gearboxes

Lafert Electric Motors stock a large range of Transtecno and Motovario gearboxes from Europe. 

Our range of gearheads includes:

  • Right angle
  • Wormboxes
  • Helical Beval

Our range of Inline includes:

  • Helical
  • Shaft Mount

All above units have a wide range of ratios and mounting options – output shafts, flanges, torque arms and foot mounting.

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